Maui Design Breakaway Buckle Cat Collar


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Meow, "Surfs up!" with your cat!

Your cat's style catches the most ginormous waves with the Maui Cat Collar. Don't let your cat show up to the beach looking like a kitty bum either. Delicate pink hibiscus flowers entwine with jungle leaves in this sun-kissed design. It will have you and your cat smelling the island breeze and flowers in no time. The collar won't let wipeouts be as dangerous either with these rad safety features

The collars are made with breakaway buckles that pop open under eight pounds of pressure. So if the collar catches onto the gnarly corral or ocean rock, it won't drown the feline surfer. Safety first when surfing the gnarliest waves is our mantra. There are more awesome features too.

These cat collars are made of easy and pleasant nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon. These materials ensure comfortability and durability collide without sacrificing high quality. Additionally, quintuple stitching at stress points adds extra strength. Let your feline hang ten, bail, or boogie board and know they're safe with this collar. 

All Surf Cat collars are handmade to order and require five days to process.


  • Breakaway buckles reduce choking hazards. 
  • Quintuple stitching ensures extra strength. 
  • Soft nylon and durable polyester assures comfort and durability.
  • The Maui Design helps cats display their inner surfer.
  • The exclusive design is by Diva-Dog & Surf Cat.
  • The collar is made in the USA.


    • Kitten: 5/8 in. x 6-8 in.
    • Adult Cat: 5/8 in. x 7-12 in.