Humble Hearts Martingale Dog Collar by Diva Dog


Humble Hearts Martingale Dog Collar by Diva Dog 

Humble Hearts extra wide dog collars has rich red hearts with pink accents floating across the popular rustic farm style of tea stained canvas. 

Martingale Collars make great safety collars for dogs and help with control and pulling on leash. They are the preferred collar of rescues and dog trainers. A well-fitted martingale collar is perfect for dogs with narrow heads, such as Greyhounds, Dachshunds & Collies, or for rescues and timid dogs that can back out of regular collars when on leash.

About Martingale Style Collars:

Martingale collars are designed with two parts. A section of a flat collar and a control loop where the leash is attached to a D-ring, which tightens when pulled. This limited-slip collar was originally marketed for sighthounds as their large necks and smaller heads easily enabled them to escape traditional style collars. The tightening action of a martingale collar evenly distributes pressure around the neck and prevents the dog from backing out of the collar.

Martingales have grown in popularity among trainers and owners of other breeds as these collars work much better than a regular collar, on all dogs, are more humane than choke chains, and provide added control for strong pullers.

Purchase the matching leash as a set!


Our whisper-weight fittings are both lightweight and sturdy

Diva-Dog adjustable collars are made of soft and comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon.

Quintuple stitched at stress points for added strength.

Exclusive design by Diva-Dog

Made in the USA

Collar Sizing:

Medium: 2 in. x 14-18.5 in.

Large: 2 in. x 18-22 in.

X-Large: 2 in. x 21-26 in.

Leash Sizing:

M/L: 1 in. x 4 ft.

XL: 1 in. x 5 ft.

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