Small Dog & Cat Adjustable Mesh Pet Harness


Adjustable Small Pet Mesh Harness 

Mesh Harness by Petdesignz

You and your small pet are ready to be world travelers. . .but wait, you need one more item. You've just found the ideal harness for your adult cat, small dog, toy breed dog, or small puppy. 

Comfortability isn't a concern for the marathons around the city streets. This harness features breathable, lightweight nylon mesh. The material is flexible and distributes the leash pressure across the neck and shoulders evenly, allowing you to have pleasant travels. This prevents choking or straining on the pet's neck when they max out the leash's length.

Sometimes your animal uses its groovy dance skills to escape collars. The harness simply offers more security. It fits around the upper body instead of just the neck. When properly fitted, it's mightily hard to escape a buckled leash vest. 

Finally, there are some differences between a dog's and a cat's anatomy. An owner should measure their pet before purchase. The harness should fit snugly, but not choke your fur friend.  If the harness is too loose, the potential of an escape is high. Many find that if a harness is properly fitted, it serves cats, small dogs, and toy breeds equally.


  • Secure, strong, and comfortable
  • Made from a soft, breathable, nylon mesh
  • Adjustable chest strap for a secure fit
  • Quick-release plastic buckle
  • Nickel-plated D-ring for leash attachment
  • Lightweight, only 1-2 ounces (30-50g)
  • Comes in various colors: blue, pink, purple, or red
    • Teacup XS is ideal for pets that are 2-3 pounds such as kittens, small cats, baby Chihuahuas, or teacup breeds, etc. The measurements are neck 6", chest 8.5"-12.5", and back 4"
    • Teacup S is ideal for pets that are 3-5 pounds such as adult cats, Chihuahuas, small Yorkies, Maltese, Chinese Crested Dogs, etc. The measurements are neck 9", chest 11"-16", and back 5". 

    *Please properly measure your pet before purchasing. The harnesses are specially designed for smaller sized pets.