Petdesignz Story - We are pet lovers just like you.

We Are Just Like You came about from two sisters (Tracey Miller and Tammy Talton) who, like you, are both pet owners and pet lovers and artists.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's, and it was devastating. After a lot of research, I learned that dogs could help with depression and so I researched breeds and found one that is known to be a good service dog. She is willing to go for a run or sit with her head in my lap all day. She makes me move, even when I hurt. But I live in a rural town and finding high-quality toys and products was just not possible.

My sister travels all over the country in an RV for her husband's career. This experience has made it, so she has to find innovative ways to let her cat have the most unique space. She loves to find cat toys that allow her cat to utilize his hunting and prey drive but be safely indoors. She is always on the search for new toys for cat lovers. 

My sister and I are also both artists, and I have a business background. We wanted to be able to help small businesses get their unique products in front of more people, especially in rural communities. My sister and I have high standards and want to bring the highest quality, most unique products to our customers. We do not drop ship any products. We believe in the products we sell and want to be able to give our customers the best packaging and delivery time that is possible. We also want to do everything we can to give back and make a difference in someone's life. That’s why we take a portion of every sale and help sponsor 4 Paws For Ability. It is also a small company that trains and makes service dogs available for veterans and children with disabilities.

Together we are artists, pet lovers, and demand the best. We want that for you too!

The Girls

This is Rayne and Storm and they are our "fur" babies. If allowing dogs on the bed and feeding them human food equals spoiling, then I passionately believe that all dogs should be spoiled. 



Meet Yeti

Yeti first emerged as a a great white hunter in the wild country of our backyard. He is picky about his toys, so we will have to monitor his product reviews closely.