Superb catnip blend Sampler


Sample Bundle Includes Three Glass Tube Blends of Catnip and Bonus tin of Silvervine:

  1. Leaf & Flower Catnip
  2. Catnip & Valerian
  3. Catnip & Silvervine
  4. Tin of Silvervine

Handmade by SHADY CAT

All three blends come in a .20 oz. glass tube to lock in freshness! They also set in a custom wooden base that can be reused in a million different ways!

Leaf & Flower Catnip - A ground mixture of only the leaves and flowers from the catnip plant. We filter out as much of the stalk as possible when drying and trimming such large quantities because the stalk has none of the nepetalactone that attracts the cats! So our Leaf & Flower Catnip is a very potent blend, something you will notice when you examine our catnip.

Catnip & Silver Vine - An amazing and power-packed blend of leaf & flower catnip with organic ground silver vine. A double whammy! If the catnip does not immediately tickle your cat's fancy, the Silvervine will definitely do the trick.

Catnip & Valerian - A fantastic blend of our original Leaf & Flower and Valerian, a widely used relaxant that is known for its relaxing properties for both humans and animals alike! This blend is fantastic for any kitty but it can really shine when given to cats with anxiety issues, fear or behavioral challenges.

Silver Vine Powder - This fine brown powder has to be the most mysterious catnip alternative, but it is the most popular treat cats just can't get enough of! Silver vine is a small fruit grown in Asia (cousin to the Kiwi fruit! How odd!) that is the Eastern equivalent to catnip. The powder is noted in various studies to have a higher effectiveness rate on cats than catnip- up to 95%, whereas catnip’s effectiveness rate is somewhere between 65-85%. Just put a tiny bit of the powder in the lid, set it on the ground for their cats to lick up and then just screw the lid back on.

Shady Cat uses the best organic materials sourced from farmers in the US. No polyfill or harmful ingredients to ensure the safety of your pet.

Quick Tip: keep your catnip stored in an airtight container. All your cat needs is a pinch. For maximum potency, rub the catnip between your fingers to release all the oils stored in the catnip.