Bowtie Velvet Breakaway Buckle Cat Collar by Surf Cat


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Bowtie Cat Collar by Surf Cat

Take a peek behind the velvet ropes at the new Velvet Collection. Our newest collection from our design studio is Bowtie. You can choose from pink, red or black velvet and satin bowties set against classic black velvet. 


  • Breakaway buckles reduce choking hazards.
  • Quintuple stitching ensures extra strength.
  • Soft nylon and durable polyester assures comfort and durability.
  • The Boho Peacock Design that makes cats shake their tailfeathers!
  • The exclusive design is by Diva-Dog & Surf Cat.
  • Made in the USA


    • Kitten: 5/8 in. x 6-8 in.
    • Adult Cat: 5/8 in. x 7-12 in.