Co2 Drop Checker Kit - No Mixing Needed - by Co2Art


Co2 Drop Checker kit by Co2Art

Made for planted aquarium tanks.

Monitoring and maintaining the correct Co2 levels in your planted aquarium is vital. The drop checker is a reservoir for an indicative fluid that tells you whether you have too much, too little or the correct levels of Co2 for your plants to grow, and that is a safe level for fish.

Drop Checker is an original glassware product, designed to indicate the Co2 amount diluted within the aquarium water with color change of the pH reagent inside, in order to understand the proper amount of Co2 supply.


  • Kit contains 15ml drop checker solution, glass checker, and suction cup
  • Specially-designed to suit a professional’s needs
  • Made of glass, for max reliability
  • No mixing nor preparation required