CO2 Resistant Polyurethane Tubing (Black or Clear) by CO2Art


CO2 Resistant Aquarium Polyurethane Tubing

Tubes are available in 2 lengths and 2 colors:

Premium quality CO2 Resistant Polyurethane Tubing for aquascaping. Designed for a safe connection of the CO2 equipment for your planted aquarium!

This excellent tubing stands out because of its high-quality Polyurethane and resistance to high pressure. Most brands do not use the suitable material and in consequence, the tubing becomes brittle and leaks CO2 art a short period of time.


  • 10ft (3 meter)
  • 20ft (6 meter)


  • Clear
  • Black

These polyurethane tubings are compatible with CO2art regulators and diffusers from the CO2Art brand and rated for high pressure applications. 

Note: I use this high-quality tubing on my tank. I have tried different qualities over the years and the ones that are easy to put on, do not stay on your check valve with CO2 and sometimes leak. This tubing is hard to put on (soak in hot boiling water, it helps) but it stays on and doesn't leak.

CO² systems are essential for successful aquascaping. This enables aquatic plants to have greater access to Carbon dioxide, which allows a greater selection of aquatic plants to grow well in the tank. So, whats in a CO2 System: CO2 cylinder, CO2 Regulator with attached solenoid and bubble counter, CO2 high pressure tubing, CO2 diffuser, and check valves.