CO2Art Inline CO2 Diffuser System for Planted Aquariums by CO2Art


High Quality Stainless Steel in-Tank CO2 IO Diffuser

For Planted Aquariums up to 500L with External Filter

The In-line CO2 Diffuser comes with a ceramic membrane made with Fine Mist Technology providing you with the highest dissolution rates. 

  • This professional quality diffuser requires a minimum of 30 psi working pressure.
  • Must be used with CO2 pressure rated tubing only, do not use with silicone tubing. Tubing must be acid resistant and rated for high working pressure.

The CO2Art In-line Diffuser optimizes the injection for the best CO2 absorption and less waste. CO2 bubbles pass through the porous ceramic membrane and are diffused into streams of tiny bubbles. The increased saturation of the CO2 in the water column is highly beneficial for healthy and fast plant growth.

If you run an external filter, the In-line diffusion method is perfect. Thanks to being able to position the device outside the aquarium, there is more space for plants inside without additional equipment spoiling the view. The metal body of the diffuser makes the device crack-resistant and durable. The membrane included with the diffuser is replaceable (sold separately)


  • 12/16 ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter) ~ 13mm (tubing diameter)
  • 16/22 ID/OD (inside diameter /outside diameter) ~ 17mm (tubing diameter)


  • Replaceable ceramic membrane
  • Durable and crack resistant metal body
  • Nano co2 mist technology membrane

CO² systems are essential for successful aquascaping. This enables aquatic plants to have greater access to Carbon dioxide, which allows a greater selection of aquatic plants to grow well in the tank. So, whats in a CO2 System: CO2 cylinder, CO2 Regulator with attached solenoid and bubble counter, CO2 high pressure tubing, CO2 diffuser, and check valves.