Caesar Design Breakaway Buckle Cat Collar


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Your cat's a Greek Purrince or Purrincess wearing this collar crown. 

Your cat's looking for the most perfect crown that meows, "I'm looking good," but maintains that proper, dignified lordliness look. This popular Greek design is classic but stylish, and it fits all seasons. It's not only Greek in style; it is of Herculean strength and durability too. 

As an adjustable cat collar, it is made of soft and comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon. Quintuple stitching at stress points adds strength. The specific fabric and method of stitching ensure no amount of unroyal behavior destroys the collar. The collar is so strong Hercules couldn't tear the collar in half! There are other safety features built into the collar. 

The collar is made with breakaway buckles and they pop open under only eight pounds of pressure. If the cat's collar catches on a tree or furniture, the collar won't choke them. This feature reduces choking hazards exponentially. What does this mean for your reigning royalty? Your kitty can concentrate on the more important matters of its feline kingdom!

All Surf Cat collars are handmade to order and require five days to process.


  • Breakaway buckles reduce choking hazards. 
  • Quintuple stitching ensures extra strength. 
  • Soft nylon and durable polyester assures comfort and durability.
  • The Greek design is suitable for all seasons and occasions.
  • The exclusive design is by Diva-Dog & Surf Cat.
  • The collar is made in the USA.


    • Kitten: 5/8 in. x 6-8 in.
    • Adult Cat: 5/8 in. x 7-12 in.