Spanish Rose Design Breakaway Buckle Cat Collar


Turn up the heat and watch your cat Flamenco until the sun rises.

Your kitty clasps a rose between its teeth when they dance. They sing songs about forlorn feline beauty and they strum their acoustic guitars telling stories of broken hearts. With this collar, the cat will look like a furry Flamenco dancer after which the collar design was inspired by.  It has a red rose set against the brilliant yellow of a Sevilla Sun. But what good is all this Latin flair without safety? 

The collar is made with breakaway buckles that pop open under eight pounds of pressure. If the cat dances into a table and their collar latch onto it, any pull causes the buckles to separate, freeing your cat. Your cat can Flamenco safely through the night until the sun comes up. Durability is not secondary to safety and style either.

The adjustable cat collar is made of comfortable and lasting nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon. It has quintuple stitching at specific stress points for added strength. The collar actively responds to your cat's flavorful dancing and retains its pliable design. The night will remain forever young with this Spanish inspired collar. 

All Surf Cat collars are handmade to order and require five days to process.


  • Breakaway buckles reduce choking hazards. 
  • Quintuple stitching ensures extra strength. 
  • Soft nylon and durable polyester assures comfort and durability. 
  • Spanish Rose Design keeps the nights forever young.
  • The exclusive design is by Diva-Dog & Surf Cat.
  • The collar is made in the USA.


    • Kitten: 5/8 in. x 6-8 in.
    • Adult Cat: 5/8 in. x 7-12 in.