Venice Design Breakaway Buckle Cat Collar


We know your cat is the next Leonardo DaKitty, or Picatso, or maybe the greatest of all time: Van Gato.

Nothing meows artist louder than the Venice Cat Collar. The designs mimic Italian Renaissance rich tapestries and intricate patterns. Choose from two colors: ivory or ink. The collars only compliment the feline's creative prowess, but there's creativity with safety and durability. 

These collars have a cat-conscious safety design in mind. The collars are made with breakaway buckles that pop apart under eight pounds of pull-pressure. If your cat gets caught on a bush, furniture, or stuck by the collar somewhere, choking hazards are reduced dramatically. Safety doesn't abandon comfortability and strength either. 

Our adjustable cat collars are made of soft and comfortable nylon overlaid with durable polyester ribbon. Each collar is quintuple stitched at stress points for added strength. No amount of aggressive painting will damage the collars. What's more artistic Van Gato or an Italian Renaissance-inspired safety cat collar?

All Surf Cat collars are handmade to order and require five days to process.


  • Breakaway buckles reduce choking hazards.
  • Quintuple stitching ensures extra strength. 
  • Soft nylon and durable polyester assures comfort and durability.
  • Venice Design that meows, "I am Picatso!"
  • The exclusive design is by Diva-Dog & Surf Cat.
  • The collar is made in the USA.


    • Kitten: 5/8 in. x 6-8 in.
    • Adult Cat: 5/8 in. x 7-12 in.