Da Feather Pong Catnip Cat Toy


Cat's natural instinct kicks in when the Da Feather Pong scurries across the floor!

    Da Feather Pong™ by Go Cat®

    With the Da Feather Pong, the ball rattles as it skids across the floor. These fun toys are colorful ping pong balls filled with rice and catnip. That's two different ways to keep your feline in the hunt—sound and smell. Additionally, the three different colored feathers will have your cat rattle'n'rolling for three days straight! This catnip cat toy has three different ways to capture your pet's attentions and help you two bond.  


    • Handcrafted using top quality materials
    • Interactive Exercise Toy
    • 5" long 
    • 1.5" ball diameter
    • Multicolored feathers 

    *Balls and feathers are multi-colored and will vary on delivery

    *As with any product, please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.