Grrrip 2-in-1 Big Dog 6 ft Leash - Best dog product for training your dog


Grrrip™ - 2-in-1 Big Dog 6 ft Leash

Best dog product for training your dog

Voted "Best New Dog Product" by the editors of Dog Fancy Magazine and I agree.

The Grrrip’s™ commonsense design puts a built-in traffic handle down closer to the dog so you can grab it quickly when close control is needed. Dog owners no longer need to wrap the leash around their hand to shorten it up. It works great for training purposes, and also when they encounter other dogs or people while out on a walk. They gain extra confidence knowing that they’ve got better control, and their dog will behave better too.

Best for medium to large-sized dogs!


  • The Grrrip™ Double Handle Dog Leash redefined the age-old standard for dog leashes decades ago
  • Great for: Extra Large Breed, Giant Breed, Large Breed, and Medium Breed
  • Extra control with a Built-in traffic handle helps with pulling
  • Heavy-duty nylon webbing is 3MM thick and built to last
  • High-quality webbing is super soft to the touch, so it feels good in your hands
  • Patented Award-winning design

Don't forget your "Fire Hydrant" dog bag dispenser that fits on this leash.


    "This is my personal favorite leash. I get kids that run up to my dogs because they think all Golden's are friendly. This makes training them challenging. I do have a super friendly golden, but I also have one that gets nervous when people run up to her. When I bought this leash, it helped me get control of her quickly. It helps her from jumping up on me and others, and keeps her safe. I am also a runner. I used to make knots in my leashes when I was training my girls to run. I needed my hand to not slip. Once I bought this leash, it solved that problem." - Owner