Forever Loved - Infinity Paw Print Adjustable Ring - Artisan Jewelry


Infinity Paw Adjustable Ring - Artisan Jewelry 

This infinity paw is the centerpiece representing the relationship between you and your beloved furry friend. The infinity paw ring is small and dainty, which is perfect for smaller hands and fingers. The infinity paw ring adjusts comfortably to your finger, displaying your love for your four-legged best friend in elegant, eye-catching fashion. Great for cat and dog lovers, or a gift for you.


  • 14K white gold plated brass
  • Light blue ( teal-like blue) heart shape gemstones 
  • Four dazzling mini white gemstones
  • Adjustable
  • Ships in a gift ring box
  • Limited quantities available

*There may be slight color differences due to differences in monitors.