Fish Bones Plush Catnip Cat Toy by Loopies


Fish Bone Plush Catnip Cat Toy

Fish Bones™ by Loopies®

Your cat has a bone to pick with the Fish Bones™ cat toy. This fish won't let your cat off the hook either with its cat-conscious design. It has a soft plush body for biting and gnawing but is designed with super durability in mind to ensure long hours of play. The fish is stuffed with organic catnip which attracts your cat even more. You could say the cat might find the toy kind of fishy. The nine-inch long body is pawfect for your cat's back leg scratching and hugging. We know this plush catnip toy will have you and your cat hook, line, and sinker. 


  • Cat-conscious design for rough, tough activity
  • Soft plush body ensures cats can freely bite and gnaw 
  • Nine-inch long body for back leg scratching and hugging
  • 100% organic catnip captivates your cat more often

*May come in different colors than shown

*As with any product, please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.