Dog House-Training Bells Door Bell


Best Dog Potty Training Tool - Door Bell

Tinkle Bell offers several unique features that every dog owner will be sure to appreciate:

PREMIUM QUALITY: This all-metal Tinkle Bell iwas created with sound quality and durability in mind. The dog doorbell is manufactured with an iron support and brass bell. This unique combination creates an optimal sound that can easily be heard in other rooms. And with a sleek silver coating, the doorbell will look great in any home!

GET STARTED QUICK AND EASY: 2 screws and wall anchors are included making installation a cinch. Ribbon-type bells are difficult to accommodate dogs of all sizes. You'll enjoy the benefit of customizing the location based on your dog's size (tall or short). 

SAFETY: Ribbon material and aluminum jingle bells can wear over time and allow for claws to catch. The all metal brass Tinkle Bell prevents this from occurring keeping your dog safe!

3-STEP TRAINING GUIDE: Included is a 3-step training guide that will have your dog communicating in no time! Consider getting 2! One for inside and one for outside!