Organic Catnip & Silver Vine Blend Tube Cat Toy


Organic Catnip and Silver Vine Blend

Handmade by SHADY CAT

Catnip & Silver Vine - an amazing and power-packed blend of original leaf & flower catnip with organic ground silver vine. A double whammy! If the catnip does not immediately tickle your cats fancy, the Silvervine will definitely do the trick.

Catnip blend comes in a .20 oz. glass tube to lock in freshness!

Shady Cat uses the best organic materials sourced from farmers in the US. No polyfill or harmful ingredients to ensure the safety of your pet.

Quick Tip: keep your catnip stored in an airtight container. All your cat needs is a pinch. For maximum potency, rub the catnip between your fingers to release all the oils stored in the catnip.


  • Includes one .20 oz glass tube
  • No poly fill or other toxic ingredients.
  • Handmade in the USA