Pro-Series Precision CO2 Check Valve by Co2Art


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Pro-Series Precision CO2 Check Valve by Co2Art

Protect your CO2 equipment with a high-quality Check Valve!

This check valve allows the flow of CO2 in only one direction. Protecting the CO2 System from water backflow and damage to expensive CO2 equipment such as regulators and solenoids. This innovative check valve is resistant to +100psi high pressure with an incredibly low opening cracking pressure of 1 psi.

The check valve is designed with easy push-in connectors for simple in-line installation. This high-quality check valve is compatible with all CO2 resistant polyurethane tubing. Co2 systems and this check valve will not hold with silicon tubing.


    • Easy push-in connectors allow easy inline installation
    • Specially-designed to suit CO2 systems
    • Compatible with all CO2 resistant tubing types

    CO² systems are essential for successful aquascaping. This enables aquatic plants to have greater access to Carbon dioxide, which allows a greater selection of aquatic plants to grow well in the tank. So, whats in a CO2 System: CO2 cylinder, CO2 Regulator with attached solenoid and bubble counter, CO2 high pressure tubing, CO2 diffuser, and check valves.