PURRfect Pouncer Teaser Wand Cat Toy


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Chicken/Rooster Feather Leather Bouncer Teaser Wand

PURRfect™ Pouncer by Vee Enterprises®

Cats today are pure house cats, and they don't get enough playtime. Don't worry about the feline laziness anymore. The PURRfect™ Pouncer Teaser Wand gets your cat back in touch with its barnyard days.

The wand's all-natural chicken and rooster feathers have cats clucking for more and flapping their paws at the 100% leather lace. But, you flicking the eighteen-inch flexible wand back and forth keeps the cockadoodling going. Why's your cat chasing these feathers so much? The feathers are the real deal. They mimic the actual real chicken and rooster scents and tastes. 

Maybe your feline is already the wild barnyard type. You don't have to worry. The wand, lure, and leather lace are constructed to withstand hundreds of kitty attacks. The real leather naturally stretches and contracts when stressed. The wand's flexibility withstands the cat's frantic flips and pulling. The lure is securely attached to the leather lace. If fun and durable is what you're looking for, flap your wings and peck this for your cat. 


  • 18" clear colored flexible wand
  • 20" leather lace
  • Naturally treated feathers for cat safety
  • Lure simulates the smell and feel of real prey
  • Made in the USA

*As with any product, please supervise your pet's use of this toy. Inspect product often for rips or tears and remove toy if damaged or if parts become separated, as injury may result.