SS-Series U-Bend Stainless Steel Tubing Connector by Co2Art


High Quality Stainless Steel SS-Series U-Bend Stainless Steel Tubing Connector + 4x Suction Cups

Only the best by Co2Art

The stylish high-quality stainless steel body will give your setup a touch of luxury.  Easy maintenance and durable materials make this a perfect choice for novice and expert aquascapers alike. 

Choose from three different sizes:

  • Small : For aquarium with 1 cm thick glass
  • Medium : For aquarium with 1.5 cm thick glass
  • Large : For aquarium with 2 cm thick glass 

Note: The large works on my black rimmed glass tank. I have a complete stainless steel set-up and added a photo for reference.

CO² systems are essential for successful aquascaping. This enables aquatic plants to have greater access to Carbon dioxide, which allows a greater selection of aquatic plants to grow well in the tank. So, whats in a CO2 System: CO2 cylinder, CO2 Regulator with attached solenoid and bubble counter, CO2 high pressure tubing, tubing connector, CO2 diffuser, and check valves.