Dog Potty Training Tinkle Bells - Leather


Tinkle Bells Dog Potty Training - Leather

Custom-made "Tinkle Bells" offer several unique features that every dog owner will be sure to appreciate:

PREMIUM QUALITY LEATHER: Super soft for optimal "waving" when engaged by your dog. This durable leather is sure to withstand the toughest tugs, scratches, and bites!

DURABLE BELLS: With sound quality and durability in mind, "Tinkle Bells" are manufactured with large thick-walled jingle bells made from a specific blend of metals. This not only makes them sound great but also gives them enough strength to resist stress from the most playful dogs. The bells are finished with a sleek silver coating that is sure to look good in any home!

REINFORCED RIVET: High quality reinforced rivet that snaps open to connect around any doorknob, handle, or hook.

FREE TRAINING RESOURCE: Includes a simple 3 step training guide that will have your dog communicating in no time!