Your Cat’s Healing Super Power

Your Cat’s Healing Super Power

What does a cat’s purr mean to you?

I love you.

Let me have some cuddles. 

I want to lay on top of you while you try to watch tv!

Some suggest the cat’s purr means a wide variety emotions and desires. The understanding of a purr isn’t purrrrrrfect either. If it isn’t always about cuddles and love, what does that pesky purr mean? Some experts believe it’s the felines trying to calm down. 

A Self Stress Reducer

When is your cat anxious? Pay attention to their type of purrs when you pick them up. They might tell you they love it or they’re nervous. Cats also purr when they’re frightened or feel threatened, such as during a visit to the vet. If your vet said your cat purred the entire time, it’s not as positive as you thought. How does purring affect their overall feeling?

The low frequency vibrations from purrs can calm a cat’s overall demeanor. It’s very similar to when humans cry, yell, or laugh during a stressful moment. Or it can be seen as a vocal massage. It’s not advised for humans to self-medicate, but for cats it’s a different story. One cat can doctor up another cat too. 

A Self Healing Super Power

People have observed one cat purring at another injured cat, almost acting as purr-therapist of sorts. It’s their way of consoling one another much like the way humans hug or talk to each other. It’s one kitty helping another kitty out. Paging Dr. Meow!

Some experts believe the purr is a self healing superpower.

It’s not so much a superpower as a well-educated suggestion. The purr’s vibrations help cats’ injuries heal. These vibrations occur at frequencies between 25-150Hz and this range is thought to help human bone growth as bones respond to pressure.

So, your feline’s bones might respond positively to their own low frequency vibrations. It’s suggested this is why cats don’t get long term injuries due to jumping down from trees.

Any injury is possibly repaired through this self-healing action.

The cats' superpower isn’t only for themselves. They have been known to share it with the humans in their world. 

Sharing the Self Healing Super Power

First, cats are not sharing a superpower with their human friends. It’s another well educated suggestion. Scientists believe there are some

Your cat could prevent a heart attack or other heart issues. Pet companionship also reduces anxiety in general. It cuts down the need for medical attention that results from life’s problems.

If you ask us, this possible side effect of a purring creature is too hard to turn down. Next time you are angry, pet your kitty and realize they might be saving your life. 



A person’s laugh can indicate nervousness, an evil villain, happiness, sadness, and more. Fortunately, it’s a more positive circumstance than a negative one. The cat’s purr can be as deep as its owner’s emotions and shouldn’t simply be seen as an animal’s I love you.