Why Does My Dog Do That? Part 1: The Bathroom Stare

Why Does My Dog Do That? Part 1: The Bathroom Stare

Why Does My Dog Do That? Part 1: The Bathroom Stare

Anyone who takes their dog outside to use the bathroom sees this bizarre behavior regularly. Your pup heads out, sniffs for the perfect spot, and squats to start their business. Nothing out of the ordinary yet. Then it happens. Direct eye contact. Your dog locks eyes with you like you’re in a romantic thriller. It’s not a quick glance, but a grilling glare for the duration of their duty.

What on Earth is your dog doing? Why do they find it necessary to lock eyes with you when they’re going poop? Well, the answer is debated. In this article, we’re going to look at the three most widely-accepted theories.

They’re Feeling Vulnerable Dogs are animals.

It’s built into their genes always to be on the lookout for predators when they are outside. Many dog experts think due to the vulnerability dogs feel while going to the bathroom, they are looking to you for comfort. As their pack leader, they trust you to alert them if anything dangerous comes their way. Yes, you are their poop lookout, but it’s making them feel safe so you should feel good about it.

It’s Treat Time

Do you reward your dog for going to the bathroom outside? Maybe you don’t now, but did you when they were a puppy? There’s nothing wrong with using treats to train your dog to potty outside. But, don’t expect them to forget about the easy pickings as they get older. Dogs have much more impressive memories than most people think. If your dog is staring and then runs over to you immediately after doing their business, they may be looking for a reward for their good behavior.

You’re Looking At Them

Remember, it takes two people (or animals) to lock eyes. Your dog may be wondering why you are staring at them while they’re doing their business. Pups are curious, and when they see you staring they’re going to start wondering why. It’s the same way if you stare under the couch, your dog is going to come over and stare under the couch too. Make sure you’re not the one acting strange making your dog react oddly.

What Does This Mean For You And Your Dog

So, should this have any impact on how you are dog interact when it’s business time? Nope! You should do what makes your dog most comfortable when they are handling their business. If they seem to enjoy the eye contact, then keep looking to let them know you’re there to protect them. If they keep trying to hide and turn away from the eye contact, maybe they’re looking for a little privacy.

The big takeaway is it’s not anything to be worried about. Realize all dogs are different and sometimes a little strange. Follow the signals your pooch is giving you, and react accordingly.