Top 5 Must-Have Wand Toys to Get Lazy Cats Moving

Top 5 Must-Have Wand Toys to Get Lazy Cats Moving

Top 5 Must-Have Wand Toys to Get Lazy Cats Moving

Get the vibe your cat might be allergic to exercise? Ever find yourself continually nudging your pudgy bundle of joy to try and get them to run around? Good news, you’re not alone! All across the world under-stimulated cats have assumed the role of honorary couch potato.

But there’s hope! With the right stimulation, you can get your cat moving. The result will be a healthier and happier pet. In our experience, the best form of stimulation for finicky cats are wand toys.

Below, we’ve got a list of the top five must-have wand toys specifically designed to get lazy cats moving!

Rabbit Fur Cat Wand

5. Catboutique - Jumping Rabbit Fur Cat Teaser Wand

Sometimes you need a little luck to get your furry friend moving. The Jumping Rabbit Fur wand toy from Catboutique mixes that lucky rabbit’s foot feel with the color schemes proven to work. 16 inches long and attached to an elastic coil, these food coloring-dyed rabbit furs will have your furry feline friend frolicking around in no time! All toys come with four strands of fur and in multiple color options.

Catboutique - Cat Teaser Toy Wand - Pull Out Pretty Fly Wand

4. Catboutique - Pull Out Pretty Fly Cat Teaser Wand

It might sound cliché, but it’s true; cats love birds, mice, and fish. If there is anything that is going to get your chubby kitty moving it’s the Pull Out Pretty Fly Wand from Catboutique. This 13-inch wand with an 11-inch steel spring that pulls out comes in an assortment of eye-catching, attention-grabbing colors. Additionally, choose between the bird, mouse, or clownfish. Tons of options to get your cat moving asap!

Imperial Cat - Cat Teaser Wand Toy - Go Cat Da Bee

3. Go Cat - Da Bee Cat Teaser Wand 

Bzzzzz! What’s that sound? It’s the sound of your cat getting in shape thanks to the Go Cat Da Bee from Imperial Cat. This 12-inch glitter wand with a toy bee attached at the end will drive your cat wild with excitement. If you’re looking for a wand toy that will get the most stubborn of cats moving for hours on end, you cannot go wrong with the Go Cat Da Bee. Additionally, this cat wand toy comes with octopus, birdie, or mouse attachments that are sure to get your cat moving!

Jackson Galaxy - Retractable Cat Teaser Wand Toy - Mojo Maker Retractable Air Prey

2. Jackson Galaxy - Retractable Air Prey Cat Wand - Mojo Maker

Our best seller from our friends over at Jackson Galaxy is the Mojo Maker Retractable Air Prey. The name says it all. If you’re looking to get your cats mojo cranking as they soar through the air trying to catch their “prey”, this is the cat wand toy for you. The adjustable telescoping wand reaches 32 inches and comes equipped with a detachable and interchangeable synthetic feather toy. This is a must-have.

Retractable Cat Wand Toy Bouncy wand includes 5 Feathers

1. Feather Bundle - Retractable Cat Teaser Wand (On Sale!) 

Our number one cat wand toy on the list is actually five different toys in one! Meow that is what we’re talking about. This telescoping wand toy extends up to 32 inches and can be outfitted with one of the five different feather attachments providing options and variety (great for cats that get bored easily)! Thanks to the durable and telescoping design, you’ll be able to engage your cat with airborne targets and stimulate their desires to pounce on moving targets.

If you’re unsure about which cat wand toy you need to get your kitty moving, this should be your go-to. You’re getting five different toys in one, and did we mention it’s on sale for a limited time?