Cats: Does Your Cat Need To Be Outdoors To Be Happy?

Cats: Does Your Cat Need To Be Outdoors To Be Happy?

Cats: Does Your Cat Need To Be Outdoors To Be Happy?

“Happy pet, happy life.” While this doesn’t rhyme like the more popular Happy Wife, Happy Life cliché, it still couldn’t be more accurate. If your cat is a happy camper, life is better for everyone. But, if your cat’s craving more, it can have a profound effect on both of you.

One of the most common questions cat owners ask is if their cat needs to spend time outdoors to be happy. Today, we’re going to get to the bottom of this age-old question.

Cats are animals.

There’s a reason cats love to chase toys that look like mice, birds, and other small creatures. They’re animals. They have an innate predatory nature giving them the desire to go on the prowl, hunt, and scratch that inner animalistic itch. While this is diminished some in domesticated household cats, it’s nowhere near completely gone.

Does this mean your cat needs to go outside to be happy? Not exactly. The takeaway is that your cat's predatory desires need to be met. This can be achieved by letting them roam outside on a harness and leash, or you can fulfill their needs indoors with specialized cat toys. They’re not going to know the difference of chasing a real bird or a toy bird.

Indoor cats live longer.

No one ever likes to think about their furry friend moving on to the big pie in the sky. But, if we’re being real about their happiness, we need to look at their life expectancy. More time with us means more time for cuddles, play, and joy.

Outdoor cats live much shorter lives on average than indoor cats. Why? Well, outdoor cats are at a much higher risk of contracting diseases, getting hit by cars, having accidents, getting into fights with other animals, being taken and potentially wandering off. We’re not trying to say letting your cat live outside is wrong, we’re just drawing your attention to the potential risks that can impact life expectancy.

The Final Answer

Our final answer to whether a cat needs to be outside to be happy is no. Yes, there are benefits cats receive from being outside like meeting their primal needs. But, thanks to some awesome cat toys, we have safer alternatives to meet these needs indoors. By taking advantage of these other options, we can have a healthy and happy cat safe from the risks the outside brings.

There’s nothing wrong with having an outdoor cat as a pet, but your cat can be the happiest kitty on the block without ever venturing outside.



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